Personal Finance for Real People
The answers to your everyday money questions.
The answers to your everyday money questions.
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Announcing an Exciting Financial Education Product

Financial resource content created for your specific customer base.

Give your customers the help they need, where and when they want it.

We are now offering Personal Finance for Real People to financial service centers, credit unions and community banks for their websites. The widget is a cost effective way to offer unique financial resource content created specifically for your customers free of charge. Low cost subscription pricing makes it easy and affordable for companies of every size. Regularly updated content means that Personal Finance for Real People is easy to maintain and remains relevant.

Personal Finance for Real People covers 125 financial topics specifically created for financial service center customers. It includes links to websites with in depth information on subjects covered in each topic. A handy search feature helps your customers easily find answers to their everyday money questions. Personal Finance for Real People is a web based widget which is free to use, free to share with family and friends and free to print.

More than 70% of visitors access Personal Finance for Real People on their mobile device proving its relevance to today’s tech savvy consumer. The mobile widget version is convenient, always accessible on a smart phone or tablet and is perfect for financial information on the go, 24/7.

Personal Finance for Real People is an easy and affordable way to drive more traffic to your website and increase visitor engagement. Building an application like this would take months and tens of thousands of dollars in initial development and future maintenance costs. Subscribe and you'll be up and running within weeks with minimal investment.

Created for Financial Service Providers Who Care.

Personal Finance for Real People is the Right Choice for Your Business.

  • It is affordable. An inexpensive way to increase customer loyalty and engagement.
  • It increases website visits. The widget is only accessible through subscribed websites.
  • It is easy to maintain. We do all the work! Automatic updates keep the content up to date and relevant.
  • It is high-quality. Upgrade your website with a premium feature that engages your customers.
  • It will create goodwill. A positive image for the public and policy makers.

Personal Finance for Real People is not just window dressing--there are 115 topics included. Each is covered in depth, with real solutions to everyday financial issues.

The categories include:

  • Developing a Healthy Money Attitude
  • Managing Your Income
  • Saving and Investing
  • Selecting, Managing, and Using Credit
  • Handling the Unexpected
  • Banking and Banking Alternatives
  • Employment Issues
  • Housing Issues
  • Don't Be Afraid of Tax Season
  • When You Need Help
  • Government Benefits Programs You Can Use
  • Handling Health Insurance
  • Teach Your Children About Money
  • Managing Education Costs
  • Protect Yourself
  • Plan for the Future
  • Shopping Strategies
  • Worksheets and Financial Tools